open door with chair, sun shining through

grief is a bad friend

Grief is a funny thing. I don’t mean funny ha-ha, I mean funny strange. It sneaks up on you. It catches you by surprise. It punches you in the gut and then provides a chair to sit in while you recover. It’s kind of a bad friend, but not too …

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fireflies flying out of a jar

these dreams

“I am going to be an astronomer AND a marine biologist.”  “ I would like to do something in art or fashion.”  “ I’m gonna be on Youtube!” Okay, young squire, what will you DO on Youtube? Blank stare. “I’m just going to be on there and make a million …

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green field with faded boundary line

see you later

Sometimes crossing a field is more than crossing a field. I walked across some squishy grass today with my 5th graders to visit their new middle school. It was a sunny day, but it had been raining a lot in the days before. The kids embraced the freedom and the …

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Expensive backpack style handbags hanging on a metal gate

Bags of reproach

There it sits. Smug and self-satisfied, so sure of knowing what is best for us. How we will spend the next two days. What shoulds are screaming loudly for our attention this time?  Stuffed with grading, planning, resource materials, shiny, new catalogs, and lugged home with good intentions on Friday …

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photo of a red brick wall

the wall

We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teachers, leave those kids alone. Hey! Teacher!  Leave those kids alone! All in all you’re just another brick in the wall All in all you’re just another brick in the wall Ok, who …

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Funny little boy in blue winter clothes walks during a snowfall. Outdoors winter activities for kids. Cute child wearing a warm hat low over his eyes catching snowflakes with his tongue

damp days of december

“Mrs. Baldwin, my butt is wet.”  “I am so wet, my brain can’t work!” “It’s so (insert weather condition) outside, I must comment on it instead of working.” Oh fellow teachers, do any of these sound familiar? There is a litany of complaints trudging through my classroom door on these …

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