Homeschool Services

Once upon a time, I homeschooled my three children from elementary school through most of junior high, and one all the way to college.

I  continue to have a very strong connection to the homeschooling community and have one foot rooted there even as I work daily as a special education teacher in a public school setting. I am available to meet with homeschooling families as a consultant to explore curriculum and strategies, to offer alternative evaluations to satisfy the state yearly requirement, and to troubleshoot the adventure of homeschooling children with disabilities and neurodivergent approaches to learning. 

I help families transition out of school and into home learning.

I have experience not only with homeschooling my own children but in working for parent partnerships as an instructor, a special ed teacher at an alternative high school, and now a special education teacher for elementary students. I consider education to be an opportunity to introduce our children to the idea of trusting themselves and the way they learn. I work within a challenging system, but I am still convinced that our children can be trusted to learn what they need to know if given the support and intervention (as needed) that works best for them. This is true for public school and homeschooling.

I meet with parents to review what is working for them, and what is not.

I provide support for parents and caregivers embarking on the homeschool adventure, whether from the beginning or after bringing their children home from school. I do my best to ask and answer the questions that come up as you go along, and to remind you that since you were your child’s first teacher, you continue to qualify as their teacher and that you are the expert on your children, always.

Send me an email or call, and we can set up an appointment to connect or schedule an evaluation.  In-person and Zoom options available.

Flat-fee homeschool evaluation

$150 for first child, $50 for each additional child.

Hourly rate for consulting: $50

Please email me through the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.