Coming Attractions

watch this space!

I just recently completed the first draft of a book that insisted I stop what I was doing (my blog) for the month of November 2021 and write all the 52,297 words of my story. It takes you back to the beginning, where an unsuspecting 10-year girl got on the diet culture crazy train without knowing what a terrible ride it would be.

Growing up on and off diets through the 70s and ’80s took me through every weird and horrible diet trend that came along. And yet, somehow, I broke free. Okay, I was well into my 50’s when I managed it, but it happened.

As I move forward into the land of editing and publishing, I will share pieces of that adventure. If you are willing or interested in being a beta reader for me, please shoot me an email. If your story sounds something like mine, you are not alone. We can escape, we can heal and we can flourish.