circle back

You know those times when you circle back on yourself and have to laugh. I have a lot of those.

When I was researching platforms and trying to decide where to build my blog/website, I was perusing other peoples’ blogs and sites, supporting them by commenting. As I went to do this a few days ago, I was asked to sign in before my comment could be published. I know how to follow directions, so I did this. When I did, the screen revealed that I had already set up a blog platform on Wordpress. Like a while ago. Completely abandoned.

Pause for heavy sigh.

So now I have the delightful task of merging the old with the new, while learning how to do all the things. When my students have to begin again, I remind them that it’s okay, because we are all beginners sometimes.

Some of us more often than others, it seems.

in the midst,