blonde-haired lady wearing a turquoise outfit, smiling widely with the sun shining down on her head

I am Tess (known by many as Teresa, but I can’t help that.) I have a day job in education as an elementary special education teacher which is both amazing and exhausting. I have a checkered past in homeschooling (my own kids-now-adults) and so I stay connected by working with homeschool families, mostly with kids with learning challenges and differences.

On my teaching adventure, I have taught in many kinds of rooms with many kinds of students.

Last year, I became multi-vocational and started actively chasing my writing dreams. So far I have updated this blog, expanded to a website, and written a book about growing up in diet culture in the 70’s and 80’s,  discovering intuitive eating and firing weight-loss culture as I hurtled through my 50’s.

I write about our common experience: in teaching, in escaping diet culture and in being human.

Humor has been the umbrella that keeps the rain of adversity from soaking me, and I have found that closing the door, finding the funny and sharing a belly laugh about the ridiculousness we work in is the most healing thing in the world. I know that laughing keeps me from losing my mind on a daily basis, so I recommend it and write about it as often as I can. See my Homeschool Services page for more information.